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The strip at Anse de Sable is remote from the mainstream tourism of St Lucia (which is mostly north of Castries, at the other end of the island) it is never usually crowded and it is one of the coolest beaches in St Lucia. There is a low-key air of activity, with sportsmen and women taking time out in the café before and after jaunts out onto the water, where they chase back and forth on the winds. For all its remoteness, it is in fact easy to access, being right next to the international airport, close to the end of the airport runway.

Set among the large seagrape trees, the Reef Beach Café and Restaurant is the main hangout on Anse de Sables and stays open all day and evening until 10pm. Life is centred on the front, from where there is a view through the trees onto the bay itself. The conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing are world class, with onshore Tradewinds that scoot straight off the Atlantic into the protected bay. The best winds are early in the year between January and March, but these may be a bit too strong if you are a beginner. Anse de Sable means 'bay of sand' and it also makes good swimming, with sand that shelves gently into the shallow bay and a supreme colour of blue. There are also hammocks hanging in the trees for downtime.