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Ref No: DE_001

Status: For Sale
Price Type: Asking Price
Price: US$1,160,000
Type: Development Land
Lot Size: 3.6 acres (approx)
Location: East Coast

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This waterfront development site is located on the east coast, north of the town of Dennery and comprises 3 lots (shown as lots 49, 50 and 20 on the site plan below) totalling 3.6 acres in size. Planning approval-in-principle has been granted for a proposed boutique hotel that includes eleven 1-bedroom units, two 2-bedroom units, a desalination plant and wind-powered electricity generation plant. Lot 20 (shown in green) is slightly removed from the two waterfront lots which bound with each other. The shaded areas are freehold land while the strip between the waterfront lots and coastline is ‘Queen’s chain’ property which may be separately leased from government. The waterfront lots overlook a white sandy bay which is within short walking distance. The location is currently fairly remotely set, but plans for the area include a nearby resort development.

Approved plans for the hotel development are included in the sale.

Proposed site  plan (lots 49,50 and 20)
Proposed site plan (lots 49,50 and 20)
View from lot 49
View from lot 49
Approx location (lot 49)
Approx location (lot 49)

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