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Ref No: MC_009

Status: Sold
Price Type: Asking Price
Price: US
Type: Countryside land
Lot Size: 1.6 Acres (approx)
Location: Micoud

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This is how the West Indies looked for countless generations past: greenery all around, huge knobbly mango trees, dozens of coconut palms reaching towards the heavens, an old copra-drying house, and a mixed bunch of goats, sheep, cows and one or two pigs dotted around the landscape. Land that has supported rich crops of sea island cotton, cocoa, coffee and bananas in the past, and is now used mainly for grazing a few small animals, and valued for its tree crops of cashew, coconut, pigeon peas and mangoes.
This really is the perfect property for someone looking to establish a small tropical farm, or simply retire and adopt a natural, peaceful lifestyle, away from the bustle of the towns, yet near enough to a handful of neighbours just over the ridge to feel part of the local community.
From the top of the land, one can see the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Micoud village headland. All around is nothing but greenery: the entire hillside that runs inland and across the river valley is green, green, green, with the few small farm houses that must be out there entirely hidden by dense tropical vegetation. The lots slope gently down to the old copra house and mango trees before, on its lower end, turning a little more steeply down to the Troumassée River, with which both lots bound.
For sale are two adjacent lots of land, each measuring half a carré (about 1.6 acres). The land is zoned agricultural, which means that construction of one (farm) house per lot should be allowed. The lots are priced individually with the quoted asking price being per lot.

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