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Ref No: PR_006

Status: For Sale
Price Type: Priced per sq. ft.
Price: US
Type: Countryside land
Lot Size: lots from 2 acres - 6 acres
Location: Praslin, E. Coast

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The hills and river valley of Mamiku Estate on the east coast of St Lucia have a rich history as estate lands. Originally covered in rain forest, a variety of crops was introduced here as St Lucia became colonized in the early 18th century. In the 1760s, sugar cane was first planted, making Mamiku a prosperous plantation for some time. The troubles of the Brigand Wars, around 1800, were played out in part on this estate, leaving behind a rich archaeological history of this momentous slave uprising. Eventually, Mamiku became one of the largest banana-producing estates on St Lucia's east-coast. By the 1990s, the estate was diversifying into other crops as well, including mangoes and passion fruit. Another important side activity at Mamiku is eco-tourism, and the Mamiku Botanical Garden has made quite a name for itself in the past decade.

Now, a small part of this old estate has been subdivided, and is being sold in lots. Twenty-three lots in all have been cut out, 16 of which remain for sale. The size of these ranges between approximately two (2) acres and six (6) acres . Some of the lots are high up on a hill side, offering commanding views of the surrounding countryside, while others are located in the valley, and bound with the Mamiku River. Some 3 acres have been reserved as Green Space, and will not be sold or developed. Invariably, this is peaceful, beautiful and fertile land, unspoilt by crowded residential development. A covenant is in place to ensure that this remains so even once the lots have been sold of, by limiting the number of dwellings allowed per lot, and also disallowing certain economic activities which would compromise the general atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

The lots are about 10 minutes' drive from the main Vieux Fort-Castries Highway. From there it's a 20-minute drive to Vieux Fort and Hewanorra Internaitonal Airport, and only a few minutes from Le Paradis resort development, and its signature 18-hole Greg Norman golf course. The access road to the lots leads through a banana plantation and a mango orchard.
Prices range between US$65,340 and US$130,680 per acre, depending on precise location and size of the lot. There is currently no water, electricity or sealed road access, but the developer will be installing these in the near future.


Lot 1 - 2.600 acres - US$339,343
Lot 2 - 2.600 acres - US$339,343
Lot 3 - 2.492 acres - US$162,624
Lot 4 - 11.258 acres - Sold
Lot 5 - 3.116 acres - US$355,854
Lot 6 - 2.660 acres - US$303,777
Lot 7 - 2.000 acres - Sold
Lot 8 - 2.570 acres - US$167,714
Lot 9 - 2.064 acres - US$134,693
Lot 10 - 5.216 acres - US$680,775
Lot 11 - 2.430 acres - US$317,155
Lot 12 - 2.145 acres - Sold
Lot 13 - 2.000 acres - US$163,146
Lot 14 - 2.325 acres - US$189,657
Lot 15 - 2.381 acres - US$252,493
Lot 16 - 3.138 acres - US$255,976
Lot 17 - 2.370 acres - Sold
Lot 18 - 2.000 acres - US$130,516
Lot 19 - 2.000 acres - US$195,775
Lot 20 - 2.000 acres - Sold
Lot 21 - 2.000 acres - US$163,146
Lot 22 - 4.911 acres - Sold
Lot 23 - 5.998 acres - Sold
Lot 24 - 3.280 acres - Green Space

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