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Ref No: CH_008

Status: For Sale
Price Type: Asking Price
Price: US$466,500
Type: Undeveloped Land
Lot Size: 2.05 acres
Location: Choiseul

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Anse de Sable Beach
Vieux Fort
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Sometimes the true magic of a location cannot be fully captured in words or images. This is a piece of land in just such a location ...

The dry, factual details are simple: 2.05 acres of land, or about 89,298 sq ft. Location: Delcer, Choiseul, in the south-west of St Lucia. A very quiet and peaceful remote part of the island - yet only 15 minutes' drive from Soufriere and 35 minutes from the international airport in Vieux Fort. Excellent road access, all infrastructure in place, and a technicolour beautiful beach less than a mile away. The land itself is slightly sloping: enough to ensure that every point on the 2.05 acres has a clear view but without being steep in any way.

Did anyone mention sea views? Well these sea views are panoramic and extensive across the Caribbean Sea to the south-west, west and north-west. But what this land has, which makes it incomparable to any other part of St Lucia, is a cliff edge that drops a sheer hundred meters or more into the Anse l'Ivroigne River Valley. Directly behind that - smack-bang in your face - the Gros Piton. All of it. The entire unavoidable iconic mass of primordial basalt rock that was once the crater of a volcano, formed 26 million years ago when an area of land six kilometers in diameter collapsed and dropped 250 meters, forming a bowl-like impression in the landscape known as the Qualibou Caldera, in the Soufriere area. On this crater floor, a series of violent volcanic explosions took place, throwing up glowing avalanches of gas and ashes and ejecting boulders with such force that some landed as far as thirteen kilometers away, lending them the sobriquet ‘volcanic bombs’. Periods of volcanic eruption were interspersed by long periods of torrential rainfall and flooding, causing massive mudflows. Gros Piton and Petit Piton came into being around this time, as the result of magma inside the ‘nozzles’ of two volcanic mountains which cooled down more slowly than the surrounding rock, making them concomitantly harder. As erosion wore down the domes and skirts of the mountains, their triangular-shaped cones remained, making them unique landmarks of St Lucia.

It is exactly the awesome power of this violent process of geological formation which is brought home to you when standing on these 2.05 acres of land looking into the Anse l'Ivroigne Valley and across at Gros Piton. Words will definitely fail you ... guaranteed.

This property is ideally suited for an exclusive boutique hotel or similar small-scale, high-end project, as well as a stunning residence. An additional 1.5 acres of adjacent land could be acquired also.

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