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Ref No: LA_018

Status: For Sale
Price Type: Asking Price
Price: US$29,850
Type: Countryside land
Lot Size: 7,807 sq ft
Location: Saltibus

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St Lucia's countryside can be surprisingly beautiful and peaceful - and the former Londonderry Estate in Saltibus (a small rural community inland on the south-west coast) is exactly such an area. The geology of St Lucia's south-west is one of elevated ridges intersected by deep, lush river valleys: the Black Bay River, Piaye River, Balenbouche River, River Doree and Choiseul River all start high up in the island's dense, interior rainforest and, over the course of many millennia, have cut their respective courses through the fertile elevated lands of the south and west of St Lucia.

As a result, when travelling inland from the coast, the main roads tend to follow elevated ridges with lush river valleys dropping away on either side. It makes for beautiful and unexpected vistas full of hillsides, mountains, the Pitons and intermittent flashes of ocean and distant villages. The river valleys also act as 'chimneys', carrying the welcome tropical sea breezes into homes throughout the interior countryside. Communities tend to be spread out like ribbons along the ridges.

Not far from the coastal highway, about 6 minutes' drive inland along the main Saltibus Road, we find a rural residential area which was once part of the 'Londonderry Estate'. An unsealed road connects the Saltibus Road back to the communities of Balka and Balenbouche, running alongside the lush Balenbouche River valley. The entire area exudes a park-like atmosphere, with a few medium-sized wooden and concrete houses dotted here and there between huge and ancient-looking mango trees, coconuts, breadfruit trees and a wide variety of other vegetation.

The lot for sale is 7,807 sq ft in size. It is essentially a house spot with a mixture of flat and sloping land sufficient to build a decent-sized residence. Water and electricity are available nearby and vehicular access is guaranteed. The remainder of the lot runs steeply down into a ravine. The land is covered with diverse trees and bush and whilst too steep for easy access and agriculture, it can easily support various tree crops, including coconut, cocoa and citrus. The views and breeze are very pleasing.

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