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Affiliate Program

Need a full-time job where you are your own boss, or a part-time job to supplement your existing one, then Unique Travel would like to introduce the wonderful and exciting world of travel to you. Perhaps you have an existing business and would like to add a travel agency to it.

Our program is simple: submit an application form to us and upon approval we will forward all other information to you. No matter where in the world you are located: we have a program for you.

Do not be fooled by other programmes that offer you easy success. To be a travel agent you must be a diligent and serious sales person but the rewards are great.

Imagine free airline tickets or discounts up to 75% off the full fare, free hotel stay, cruises for only 25 dollars a day, all expenses paid, familiarisation trips to exciting destinations, lavish dinner and cocktail parties.

It's a world waiting to be discovered!