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Creole Heritage Month: Oct. 1-31

The Folk Research Centre, a non-governmental organization established in 1973 to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of St. Lucia, holds a series of events throughout the month. A number of communities are chosen each year to host an activity which culminates at the end of October with the grand celebration of International Creole Day or Jounen Kweyol, a worldwide celebration by all countries that speak the Creole language. Call the Folk Research Centre at 452-2279 for the full programme.

Feast of La Marguerite: Oct. 17

One of two local flower festivals - Named after St. Marguerite Alacoque, this local flower society celebrates its patron saint's feast day with indigenous songs and dances that have been handed down throughout the centuries from generation to generation. Activities are held throughout the island.

Golf Tournament of the Rotary Club of Gros Islet: Nov. 2

A one day Tournament from which all proceeds go to charitable club projects. This year teams will be auctioned off on Nov. 1st. Contact Ken Lalsingh from the Rotary Club of Gros Islet (451 6369) if you are interested in participating as a player or as a sponsor.

Festival of Lights and Renewal: Dec. 13

Traditionally known as our Discovery Day. St. Lucians now look forward to what has become the annual switching on of the Christmas lights and the accompanying Lantern Competition. This has become an arena for intense creativity and local artistic expression, and visitors are welcome to sample these elements that are representative of our rich heritage.

ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 

St. Lucia welcomes the world's largest trans-Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. Over 200 boats leave Gran Canaria around November 25th to rendezvous on sweet St. Lucia. The first yacht usually completes the crossing in the first week of December. If you are contemplating a sea-worthy adventure, and have never taken part in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, contact our Tourist Board for details. Log on at or email  

St. Lucia Open

The St. Lucia Racquet club at Cap Estate hosts this event that is open to all amateur tennis and squash players. Call the St. Lucia Racquet Club at 450 0106 for more information.

Independence Day: Feb. 22

In 2003, St. Lucia celebrates 24 years of independence from Great Britain.   The day is a national holiday.  There is usually a programme of special events that encompass the island in one way or other. If you are already on island, ask your hotel for more information. 

Lions Club Independence Charity Tournament

A one-day tournament held at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate.  The event is open to everyone who wishes to compete for the Prime Minister's Cup.  Proceeds are donated to charity.

International Earth Day: April 22

An activity celebrated throughout St. Lucia.  If you miss the Soleil Lévé (sunrise) ceremony, then there is always the Soleil Couché (sunset) ceremony.  The St. Lucia National Trust organizes this as part of ongoing efforts to sensitize persons to the need for conservation of the environment. Call them at 452-5005 if you want to contribute or be a part of this activity.

St. Lucia Jazz Festival: May 2 - 11

The twelfth annual Jazz Festival will continue to thrill music lovers. The only advice we can give you is that you should plan early to travel to St. Lucia at this time, and that you should bring your family. You will have an unforgettable musical experience in a beautiful island where you will not want the sun to go down on you. Log on at for more information.

Festival of Comedy

Local and Caribbean storytellers and comedians entertain audiences and leave them with bellies full of laughter.  This festival is the annual fundraiser of the St. Lucia National Trust.

St. Lucia Golf Open

This two-day golf tournament is held at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club. It is open to all amateurs.  Players come from all over the Caribbean to participate.  The OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) team will be selected at this match. This team goes on to play at the Caribbean championships. This is a handicap event with prizes for gross and net scores.


This is the month when colour and festivity come home to roost. Glorious music and energy literally pulse through homes and mass camps, culminating in two days of jammin' in the streets. And everywhere, people are teaming with merriment and excitement. If you are here on holiday at that time, feel free to visit calypso tents or ask at your hotel about opportunities for "jumping" with a band. The full programme is available from the Cultural Development Foundation. You can call 452 1859 for more information. Log on to for more information.

Kids Golf Camp

The St. Lucia Golf and Country Club offers a weeklong coaching programme for children between the ages of 6 and 13.  Golf lessons take place in the morning and lunch is included.  The places are limited to 20 children, so sign up early.

Emancipation Day and National Heroes Day

August 1st is an international holiday when St. Lucians, along with certain other former British colonies, celebrate the Abolition of Slavery in 1838.

La Rose Festival - Aug. 30

The second of two local flower festivals. Named after St. Rose de Lima, this local flower society celebrates its patron saint's feast day with indigenous songs and dances that have been handed down throughout the centuries from generation to generation. Activities are held throughout the island.

Market Feast 

Held at the Castries Market, the fruit and vegetable vendors 'fete' their special day. There is musical entertainment and plenty of food and drinks.

St. Lucia Bill Fishing Tournament

A three day competition for Anglers from all over the Caribbean. The Blue Marlin is the most sought-after fish and everyone is out trying to set new records. Undersized fish, weighing less than 250 lbs., are tagged and returned to the sea.  The weighing station is at Rodney Bay and all are invited to see the catches at the end of each fishing day.

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