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St Lucia Windsurfing at The Reef

The Windsurfing &  Kitesurfing Centres  are located on the grounds of The Reef Beach Cafe in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia.

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The windsurfing center is equipped with Starboard / Mistral windsurfing boards and North rigs, while the kitesurfing centre features Cabrinha kites and North / Cabrinha kiteboards. The centres are located on the Atlantic coast at the southern end of this fun-filled Caribbean island, facing the full force of the trade winds.

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Our Centre

Our windsurfing centre can look back on 20 years of irie fun at the most magnificent windsurfing location in St Lucia - a location highly regarded by professional and leisure surfers alike.  This is because we offer unforgettable hours on the water with great windsurfing conditions, excellent equipment and outstanding service.

You'll find it hard to match our quality, service, safety and innovation and our multi-lingual international staff with their extensive training, experience and local knowledge also keep abreast of new developments.

This all adds up to great news for you if you're looking for an exceptional windsurfing vacation, with something to keep all of the family happy.

The Reef Kite + Surf, Anse de Sables Beach, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, West Indies
Tel: +758 454-3418

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