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Windsurfing in St. Lucia
Spot description, wind conditions, what to bring

windsurf st lucia As is typical for all of the region, St. Lucia has a tradewind season which lasts from December through to May, however during June and July there are also some good windsurfing days. There are only a couple of windsurfing locations on the island which are popular with enthusiasts, although several hotels offer 'family' type windsurfing. The main location, and the best spot on the island, is in the South at Anse de Sables Beach.

At the white sandy beach of Anse de Sables in Vieux Fort, the prevailing winds blow cross-onshore from the left with generally flat water over the major part of the sailing area.

Apart from the reef break approximately 1km offshore, which is clearly identifiable by the white water surrounding it, the entire sailing area in the bay is safe and sandy-bottomed so you can sail barefoot.

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The launch area is also free of anything 'nasty' underfoot, with negligible shorebreak towards the upwind end of the bay. Further downwind the shorebreak can be more challenging, particularly  when  the winds have been consistently  high for a few days. There may also be more swell and chop towards the centre of the bay at these times. During the winter  months (Dec-Mar) a 'shortie' wetsuit or lycra top is useful against sunburn.
Facilities at this beach include  restaurants, toilet and beach facilities (loungers, beach umbrellas etc). There is safety-boat cover operated by our windsurfing centre .
Hewanorra international airport is just a 2-minute drive away from Anse de Sables beach with direct flights from many destinations worldwide.

SPECIAL NOTE - Maria Islands Nature Reserve

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At Anse de Sables there are two uninhabited islets ('Maria major' and 'Maria minor' ) located approximately 1km offshore. These form a nature reserve administered by the St. Lucia National Trust. You may arrange for a guided tour at the National Trust office, but windsurfers are asked not to land on the islets without prior permission . The islets are home to endemic species of lizard and ground snake and during the nesting season, many migratory birds use the islets, laying their eggs directly on the ground. Turtles are also known to use the islets as a nesting ground. Indiscriminate use of the islets poses a threat to these habitats - please respect the rules.

Wind Stats
You may view historical wind data provided by the Hewanorra meteorological office which is just inland from the Anse de Sable sailing area. Visit , click on 'Weather' and then select 'History'

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