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St. Kitts Win Sub-Regional Junior Meet

    (6 May 2001) - The Leeward Islands Junior Track and Field Championships came off in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The victorious St. Kitts team amassed 162 points; their nearest rivals, Antigua Barbuda, had to be satisfied with just 80; host territory British Virgin Islands were third with 53; the US Virgin Islands had 45; Nevis 37; St. Maarten 34; and Anguilla 3.
    As one would expect from the nation that produced Sydney 2000 Olympic finalist Kim Collins, St. Kitts dominated the sprints. They also did well in the jumping events. 16-year-old Tiandra Ponteen owned the girls' under-twenty sprints. She was a bronze medallist at this year's Carifta Games, after taking silver last year. The International Amateur Athletics Federation also has her rated as one of the world's top twenty juniors in the 300m and 400m races.
    Antigua's multiple Carifta medallist Janil Wiliams was in fine form in the girls' under-seventeen middle distance races, winning the 800, 1500 and 3000 before turning in an amazing second-leg performance for her country's 4x400m team, winning a fourth gold an hour after her last individual medal.
    Jamie Henry of St. Kitts did well in the boys' under-seventeen sprints, but Carifta Games gold medallist triple jumper Ayata Joseph cleared 13.94m to shine as the most impressive athlete in that division.
    Eric Matthias of the British Virgin Islands won the boy's under-twenty shot putt and discus, his throw of 40.26m in the latter event actually his second-best effort. Mathias' best throw, about 45m, went foul. Last year he was an under-seventeen gold medallist at the Central American and Caribbean Junior Track and Field Championships. Nevis' Kevon Pierre won the boys' U20 200 and 400 in Tortola; Stuart Wade of St. Kitts took the 800 and 1500.

    Leeward Islands Junior Track and Field Championships, 5-6 May 2001
    AO Shirley Recreation Ground Road Town, Tortola (British Virgin Islands)
    (Courtesy Dean H. Greenaway)

    Meet results are as follows:

    Final scores: 1. St. Kitts, 162. 2. Antigua, 80. 3. British Virgin Islands, 55. 4. U. S. Virgin Islands, 45. 5. Nevis, 37. 6. St. Maarten, 34. Anguilla, 3

    Long Jump U17 Male: 1. Jason Isaac, St. Kitts, 6.33 (20'9¼"). 2. Ayata Joseph, Antigua, 6.17 (20'3¼"). 3. McLean Fraser, Nevis, 6.15 (20'2¼").

    Long Jump U17 Female: 1. Rosalie Glasford, St. Kitts, 5.10 (16'8¾"). Nikisha Jeffers, St. Kitts, 4.80 (15'9"). 3. Millisa Charles, Nevis, 4.66 (15'3½").

    Long Jump U20 Female: 1. Tankia Liburd, Nevis, 5.07 (16'7½"). 2. Sindy Nathan, St. Kitts, 5.04(16'6½"). 3. Miranda Bobb, Nevis, 4.82 (15'9½").

    Long Jump U20 Male: 1. Jamion Brookes, St. Kitts, 6.55 (21'6"). 2. Chester Williams, Antigua, 6.52, (21'4¼"). 3. Peter Charles, Antigua, 6.30 (20'8").

    Javelin U17 Female: 1. Morella Dore, USVI, 26.30 (86'3"). 2. Rosalie Glasford, St. Kitts, 22.85 (75'0").

    Javelin U17 Male: 1. Romeo Brown, St. Maarten, 38.77 (127'3"). 2. Anevial Dias, St. Kitts, 34.99 (113'2"). 3. Randolph McDowall, BVI, 28.70 (94'2").

    Javelin U20 Female: 1. Valarie Connor, St. Kitts, 27.07 (88'8"). 2. Nadia Collins, BVI, 22.57 (74'1"). 3. Germaine Buchanan, St. Kitts, 17.07 (56'0").

    Javelin U20 Male: 1. Abdul Wattley, St. Maarten, 39.90m (130'11"). 2. Lesroy Browne, St. Kitts, 39.80 (130'7"). 3. Shawn Warner, Nevis, 39.80 (130'7").

    Triple Jump Open Male: 1. Ayata Joseph, Antigua, 13.94 (45'8"). 2. Eston Williams, St. Kitts, 13.34 (43'9"). 3. Alison Potter, BVI, 13.33 (43'8½").

    Triple Jump Open Female: 1. Nadia Edwards, Anguilla, 10.44 (34'3"). 2. Sidny Nathan, St. Kitts, 10.42 (34'2¼"). 3. Nathandra John, St. Kitts, 10.16 (33'4½").

    Discus U17 Females: 1. Morella Dore, USVI, 25.26 (82'10"). 2. Nerida Skelton, BVI, 20.03 (65'8¾"). 3. Rosalie Glasford, St. Kitts, 17.13 (56'2½ ").

    Discus U17 Male (1.6 Kilo): 1. Romeo Brown, St. Maarten, 33.68 (110'6"). 2. Nichols Charles, BVI, 29.38  (96'5"). 3. Andrick Vigilant, BVI, 27.32 (89'4").

    Discus U20 Female: 1. Valerie Connor, St. Kitts, 29.66 (97'4"). 2. Nadia Collins, BVI, 23.06 (75'8"). 3. Cindy Nathan, St. Kitts, 19.15 (62'10").

    Discus U20 Male: 1. Eric Mathias, BVI, 40.20 (131'10"). 2. Leroy Thomas, BVI, 31.78 (104'2¾"). 3. Shawn Warner, Nevis, 31.76 (104'2¼").

    Shot Put U17 Female: 1. Morella Dore, USVI, 9.39 (30'9¾"). 2. Zelina Mills, Nevis, 8.88 (29'1¾ ). 3. Nerida Skelton, BVI, 8.18 (26'10").

    Shot Put U17 Male: 1. Romeo Brown, St. Maarten, 10.97 (36'0"). 2. McLean Fraser, Nevis, 10.40 (34'1½"). 3. Eldrin Richardson, St. Kitts, 9.80 (32'2").

    Shot Put U20 Female: 1. Valarie Connor, St. Kitts, 9.85 (32'3¾"). 2. Tanika Liburd, Nevis, 9.54 (31'3¾"). 3. Nadia Collins, BVI, 9.48 (31'1¼")

    Shot Put U20 Male: 1. Eric Mathias, BVI, 11.60 (38'0¾"). 2. Michael Browne, USVI, 11.23 (36'10¼"). 3. Lesroy Browne, St. Kitts, 10.95 (35'11¼").

    High Jump U17 Female: 1. Rosalie Glasford, St. Kitts, 1.53m, (5'0"). 2. Zelima Mills, Nevis, 1.48m (4'10"). 3. Tanaysha Henry, BVI, 1.43m (4'8").

    High Jump U17 Male: 1. Alison 'Al' Potter, BVI, 1.73 (5'8"). 2. Eldrin Richardson, St. Kitts, 1.70 (5'7"). 3. Tarik Bradshaw, St. Kitts, 1.70 (5'7").

    High Jump U20 Female: 1. Tanika Liburd, Nevis, 1.53m (5'0"). 2. Germaine Buchanan, St. Kitts, 1.48m (4'10"). 3. Samantha Hughes, Anguilla, 1.48m (4'10").

    High Jump U20 Male: 1. Eston Williams, St. Kitts, 1.73 (5'8"). 2. Edmund Paul, St. Martin, 1.70 (5'7"). 3. Jamion Brookes, St. Kitts, 1.70 (5'7").

    1500m U17 Female: 1. Janil Williams, Antigua, 4:58.32. 2. Celisa Maloney, Antigua, 5:14.11. 3. Charley Charles, USVI, 5:36.25.

    1500m U17 Male: 1. Jerome Toussaint, St. Kitts, 4:39.49. 2. Amalee Lochart, USVI, 4:45.40. 3. Dulani Phillip, Nevis, 4:45.42.

    1500m U20 Male: 1. Stuart Ward, St. Kitts, 4:27.39. 2. Kareem Joseph, Antigua, 4:30.16. 3. Jermaine Bryan, BVI, 4:43.64.

    100m U17 Female: 1. Evelise Gomez, USVI, 12.73. 2. Celeste Thomas, Antigua, 12.84. 3. Chandrora Codrington, Antigua, 12.97.

    100m U17 Male (Hand timing): 1. Jamie Henry, St. Kitts, 11.1. 2. Rashid Hodge, St. Kitts, 11.2. 3. Alison 'Al' Potter, BVI, 11.7.

    100m U20 Female: 1. Tiandra Ponteen, St. Kitts, 12.21. 2. Virgil Hodge, St. Kitts, 12.37. 3. Tanika Liburd, Nevis, 12.88.

    100m U20 Male: 1. Dewayne Delaney, St. Kitts, 11.33. 2. Travis Adams, St. Kitts, 11.55. 3. Kamil Francis, USVI, 11.73.

    400m U17 Female: 1. Andrea Baptiste, Antigua, 61.51. 2. Stephanie Jones, Antigua, 62.23. 3. Nickesha Jeffers, St. Kitts, 63.71. 4.

    400m U17 Male: 1. Ackim Lewis, BVI, 52.88. 2. Chet Gomes, Antigua, 53.38. 3. Khalid Brookes, Anguilla, 53.86.

    400m U20 Male: 1. Kevon Pierre, Nevis, 49.52. 2. Bernard Etinoff, Antigua, 51.55. 3. Kevin Maynard, USVI, 51.83.

    400m U20 Female: 1. Tiandra Ponteen, St. Kitts, 55.79. 2. Sherma Aurelin, USVI, 59.94. 3. Nathandra John, St. Kitts, 60.70.

    200m U17 Female: 1. Everlise Gomez, USVI, 26.24. 2. Julieta Johnson, St. Kitts, 27.21. 3. Chandora Codrignton, Antigua, 27.27.

    200m U17 Male (Hand timing): 1. Jamie Henry, St. Kitts, 22.5. 2. Robert Morton, Nevis, 23.0. 3. Chet Gomes, Antigua, 23.4.

    200m U20 Female: 1. Tiandra Ponteen, St. Kitts, 24.78. 2. Virgin Hodge, St. Kitts, 25.46. 3. Tanika Liburd, Nevis, 26.51.

    200m U20 Male: 1. Kevon Pierre, Nevis, 22.31. 2. Delwayne Delaney, St. Kitts, 22.74. 3. Travis Adams, St. Kitts, 23.46.

    800m U17 Female: 1. Janil Williams, Antigua, 2:24.6. 2. Celisa Maloney, Antigua, 2:31.4. 3. Audra Rogers, Anguilla, 2:36.4.

    800m U17 Male: 1. Jerome Toussaint, St. Kitts, 2:09.2. 2. Amalee Lochart, USVI, 2:12.4. 3. Keith Gumbs, Anguilla, 2:13.9.

    800m U20 Male: 1. Stuart Wade, St. Kitts, 2:02.91. 2. Kevin Maynard, USVI, 2:04.87. 3. Careem Joseph, Antigua, 2:06.89.

    3000m Open Female: 1. Janil Williams, Antigua, 11:14.9.  2.  Celelisa Maloney, Antigua, 12:04.3. 3. Martha Ramirez, BVI, 13:53.9.

    5000m Open Male: 1. Linden Peters, BVI, 18:53.4.   2. Jermaine Bryan, BVI, 19:06.0. 3. Dwayne Allen, USVI, 19:35.9.

    4x400m Open Female: 1. Antigua, (Stephanie Jones, Janil Williams, Celsia Maloney, Andrea Jno-Baptiste), 4:00.47. 2. St. Kitts, (Nekesha Jeffers, Virgil Hodge, Nathandra John, Tiandra Ponteen) 4:09.51. 3. USVI (Xiomara Gomez, Natalie O'Neal, Evelise Gomez, Sherida Aurelien) 4:15.68.

    4x400m Open Male: 1. St. Kitts, (Kemroy Percival, Anevial Dias, Delwayne Delaney, Stuart Ward) 3:29.86. 2. Antigua, (Bernard Etinoff, Chet Gomes, Pete Charles, Careem Joseph) 3:33.78. 3. Nevis, (Gerani George, Cassto Julius, Kevon Pierre, Robert Morton) 3:34.56.


Zeph Wins At FSU

    ZepherinusJoseph(12 May 2001) - Zepherinus Joseph won the Men's 1,500m run at Florida State University's 2001 Seminole Twilight track and field meet on Saturday. Running for University of North Florida at FSU's Mike Long Track in Tallahassee, Florida, Zeph clocked a pedestrian 3:52.91 for the victory.
    Following Zeph home were UNF teammates Jerry Reckart and Jeff Hill, whom he beat by less than five seconds. The 25-yearold from the village of Mon Repos has already qualified for the NCAA Championships in this event.


Richelieu In Riviera Finals

    (13 May 2001) - 13-year-old St. Lucian Alberton Richelieu made the finals of the 7th Annual Riviera Country Club junior tournament on Sunday. The young man is a student at Florida's Maeci Academy, and he's been performing well on the US Tennis Association junior circuit, competing at under-fourteen level.
    At the Riviera County competition, the youngster from the district of Gros Islet was in the under-sixteen division. In the first round, Richelieu defeated second-seeded Pablo Matrid 6-0, 6-0. In the semifinal round, he beat Anthony Riaux 6-1, 6-3 advancing to the title game, where he lost to Sean Daly 6-4, 6-4.


Eighteen For National Volleyball

    (14 May 2001) - Following the recently-ended Independence women's volleyball tournament in which Ciceron Seagulls United overcame Le Club Volleyball 3-1 for the title, eighteen women have been named to begin national training later this month. Under CSU coach Guy Brown, they'll be preparing for a return to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States tournament. The last time St. Lucia was in this competition, 1999, they won their ninth title. This October, in Antigua, they'll be gunning for number ten.
    Seven players each from Le Club and Seagulls have been included. Four players from the youthful LCV team - Samantha Mann, Lydia Ann Harris, Cheryl Moise and Natalie Epiphane will give the squad some energy, along with Valeriana St. Helen and veteran hitters Joana Reynolds and Carol Faucher.
    Young veteran hitter Shana Aubrey would rejoin her club teammates Marcia Vite, Christina Norley, Cherry-Ann Antoine and Donna Lynn Joseph on the national side. Prisca Simon and Donnalin Vite have also been called up.
    1999 national captain and former Gros Islet sportswoman of the year Sabina Gaston is one of four players - Daysha Martial, Ella Verdant and the defensive-minded Renata Sexius from Jetsetters.
    The national team will almost certainly be without the services of Lottie Philip (Saint Leo University, Tampa) Signa President, Garvinia Gill, Gifta Dujon and Leanne St. Rose (Concordia University, New York) all of whom left St. Lucia to continue their studies overseas with the past year.


Lucelec Open Into Second Day

    (15 May 2001) - The Lucelec Tennis Open continued Tuesday at Club St. Lucia' St. Lucia Racquet Club, with wins for fourth seed David Dauvergne, teenager Marlon Alcee and Jessica Atkinson in the women's draw.
    Dauvergne, a Davis Cup player for St. Lucia, and ranked as high as number one last year, beat Ricardo Francois without dropping a game. Alcee wasn't quite as dominant, but he was impressive enough in beating former veterans champion Titus Butcher 0-6, 6-3, 6-3. Tony Roheman beat Andre Dolcy 7-5, 6-0; Trevor Hunte defeated Keith Noel 6-0, 6-1; Buzz Erlinger-Forde got the better of Eusibius Alexander 4-6, 6-2, 6-1.
    In the veterans' draw, Peter Samuels defeated Roger Sutherland 6-3, 6-2 and Martin Spencer had tied his match against Dennis Mauricette at a set apiece (3-6 6-3) when Mauricette was forced to retire.
    Atkinson's match against Crystal Noel was one of three women's fixtures, and she came away with a 6-1, 6-0 win. Jackie Fenelon trounced Keitha Noel 6-0, 6-0 and Solange Cooper beat Charmani Chase 6-4, 6-3.


QC Lucians Take Four Awards

    (14 May 2001) - St. Lucia national volleyballer Ayinde Kunta Williams shared the most improved player award at the Queen's College (New York) annual sports awards ceremony Monday. Kunta, a setter and a former member of Jetsetters here in St. Lucia, is a sophomore at Queen's after transferring from Concordia University, also in New York.
    Maxim Auguste, a senior at QC, received a trio of awards. The former Le Club player copped the Most Valuable Player (Volleyball), Most Outstanding Scholar Athlete and Overall Most Improved Player titles. For the second straight year, Maxim has been selected by New York's Creole Volleyball Club (a Division One team), to participate in the upcoming US Open volleyball Championships to be held in Milwaukee on 25-30 May.
    Though Kunta and Maxim had tremendous seasons, Queens College ended the season with a fourteen-game losing streak and a dismal 3-21 record. The St. Lucians played in nearly every game for the QC Knights, Kunta recording a tremendous 841 assists and Maxim 966 kills, both of which figures led the team by a very long margin.









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