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Ref No: MC_013

Status: For Sale
Price Type: Asking Price
Price: US$94,000
Type: Countryside land
Lot Size: 3.19 Acres
Location: Desruisseaux

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Desruisseaux is an agricultural community in the interior of the south-east of St Lucia, with a long and proud tradition of independent small-holder land ownership. Its rich, fertile soils were once home to the Desruisseaux Sugar Plantation but when this went out of business in 1885 (a few decades after the abolition of slavery), Desruisseaux quickly sprang up as a settlement of free peasants and small-holders striving to forge an independent life for themselves - away from the pressures and demands of the plantation economy. Initially squatters, these forty families eventually gained rightful access to the land and they have been planting a rich variety of crops and gardens here ever since. Bananas, of course, were a huge export earning crop in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s but in more recent years farmers in the wider Desruisseaux region have picked up on more varied and traditional crops again, such as cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, root vegetables (dasheen, yam, etc), plantains, green vegetables and of course fruits. The presence of huge mango trees, breadfruit trees and avocado trees bears testament to many a bountiful harvest over the years!

A small piece of this former Desruisseaux estate land has now come onto the market: 3.19 acres (138,956.4 sq ft) to be precise. The land lies just 2 minutes' walk from the nearest motoreable access road and is reached across a foot path that crosses a small ravine.

The land is irregular in shape and mostly flat or undulating in character, with some valley land, a gentle rise to one side and a sloping hill in the middle. The soil is rich and in some spots remains moist even at the height of the dry season. Bananas used to be the main crop here until some years ago, but there are lots of coconut trees and some other (more unexpected) vegetation as well, such as flowering heliconias.
There is a smattering of small homes in the area (some wooden, some concrete) and the nearby main road is serviced with mains water, electricity, telecommunications and street lights. The land is about 1.5 miles from the heart of Desruisseaux.

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