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What is Live Chat?
Live Chat  allows you to communicate 'live' with other users who visit this page. Its a great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world and best of all it's entirely free.You can tell your friends and relatives to meet you on this web page, or you can just chat with whoever is here.

How to use:

When you click on the 'Start Keyboard Chat' button beelow, you will be taken to a login screen

This takes a few moments ... please wait

Enter your name or alias in the "Your Name" field and click "Chat!". You do not need a password to enter the chatroom.

Once in the chatroom, you can chat with other users by typing your message at the bottom of the screen and pressing <Enter>. Your message will then be seen by ALL users unless you select a specific user to chat with, from the list at the right of the screen.

Want to know more?

Click on the 'Help' top menu when in the chatroom.

Live Voice Chat - If you have speakers / microphone on your computer, you can use this service to speak to other users and hear what they are saying.

* Click HERE to enter voice Chatroom
( Service may be unavailable at times of heavy use. Please try again later )

You can leave messages for other chatroom users on the 'Live Chat Message board'. Arrange chat dates, or chatroom sessions by announcing them on the chat message board.

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