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From The OECS Sports Desk
Michael Ollivierre:  OECS Sports Coordinator -

OECS Scholarship Pilot Programme Gets Off

 St. Lucian sprinter Jimmy Henry is the first person to benefit from a sport scholarship pilot programme set up by the Sports Desk in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Michael Ollivierre, the OECS Sports Coordinator, earlier this year announced arrangements arrived at with three Jamaican institutions: GC Foster Technical College, University of Technology and the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus). OECS nationals fulfilling the necessary academic requirements and with a recognised sporting background will be eligible to take up a limited number of scholarships at these institutions.
Henry is a member of St. Lucia's Morne Stars Track Club, a men's invitational 100m dash gold medallist earlier this year in the at the NCB/SLDB National Junior Track and Field Championships. He is one of several individuals who were given the opportunity to pursue studies in Jamaica under this pilot programme, but for one reason or another, several of the eligible candidates were unable to take advantage of the scholarship offer at this time.
Ollivierre says that he's not disappointed by the lack of response in the first instance. "We realise that there may be a number of contributing factors: the Olympics, the lack of advance time for the athletes to get the necessary paperwork and so on. Also, this is the first time we're doing this, so people I guess really don't know about it yet." The Sports Coordinator feels, however, that if this programme is successful it will mean a lot to sports in the sub-region. Pointing to the superior facilities and training methods enjoyed by Jamaican athletes, he is of the opinion that once OECS athletes can seize their chances, they'll do well.


Brian's View
Brian McDonald -

New Facilities Good For St. Lucian Sports

Athletes and the sporting public here in St. Lucia have been crying out for the establishment of high standard and top class international sporting facilities on the island.
There's been construction of the Vigie Multipurpose Sports Complex, despite its limitations, which has served the volleyball, netball and basketball associations quite well in staging their various competitions.
There has also been the construction of multipurpose courts in almost every community in St. Lucia, well lighted and with efforts being made to have them well kept. A number of playing fields around the island have been upgraded and there are attempts being made to improve on others. Plans are also on stream for the construction of new playing fields and attempts are also being made to put basic facilities in place at these grounds, that is dressing room, changing facilities etc.
Despite all that, there still remains a lot to be done and the St. Lucian Government has recognised this as well as a number of sporting organisations and private entities. In the next few years, a number of major international standard sporting facilities will be constructed here. Already two others have been completed.
The Rodney Heights Aquatic centre, home of a 25-metre swimming pool which has already hosted a number of invitational meets. The construction of the pool was an initiative by private company Venture Limited and the St. Lucia Amateur Swimming Association with assistance from the St. Lucian Government. There are plans to add some more to the facility to bring it to world class standards.
Another is the country's first 18-hole golf course, at the Cap Estate Golf and Country Club. The fully irrigated 100-acre golf course cost $10 million to upgrade. The Championship Course is expected to put St. Lucia on the sporting map in terms of hosting prestigious tournaments. One of them is the Caribbean Association Championships slated to take place there in 2004.
Two other major facilities expected here are the Football Centre of Excellence at Club St. Lucia in conjunction with the hotel and the Football Association, and a major football ground with the assistance of FIFA under its GOAL Project. Plans for those two are still being formulated and finalized and we expect to hear more on those in the coming months.
Another major international facility is a National Tennis Centre. Extra land, which forms part of a 23-acre parcel purchased by Government principally for the construction of a National Cricket Ground at Beausejour in Gros Islet, is to be used for the erection of the National Tennis Centre. Word of this came at the opening of the XVII Annual ITF Coca-Cola Junior International Tennis Tournament held at Club St. Lucia's Racquet Club in August. The St. Lucia Tennis Association says they're dedicated to the establishment of a National Tennis Centre in St. Lucia to be used for the development of tennis generally on the island and where tennis of an international nature can be played.
The most prestigious and biggest sporting facilities to be established here in the next few years are the National Cricket Ground and the long-awaited National Stadium. The Cricket Ground, being built at Beausejour in Gros Islet, is expected to be one of the most modern facilities for the game in the Caribbean and will put St. Lucia in line to host a number of international tams and be on the West Indies Cricket Board itinerary for international matches. With the West Indies to host the 2007 cricket World Cup, definitely we can see one of the matches being played in St. Lucia. The funding for the construction of the ground will come from the National Lotteries Authority.
It was also announced at the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the ground that a ring road around the ground will be used as a circuit for cyclists to concentrate on road circuit racing where there is no hindrance from vehicular traffic.
The National Stadium being built by the Chinese Government will be located at St. Urbain in Vieux Fort and will be one of the most modern in the Caribbean. The stadium will have an international standard size football field and a 400-metre track. There are also plans for an adjacent facility somewhere near the stadium area or within it for some indoor facilities for sports such as table tennis, basketball, volleyball and netball, which could be played indoors.
With the establishment of all those facilities, St. Lucia stands to be one of the islands in the Caribbean with the most modern facilities for track and field, football, tennis, cricket, swimming and golf. It will be good to have all those international sports facilities here, but will that change our sporting fortunes and see our sports on the improve?
That's a question you and I are left to ponder.

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Name: Sherri Scobie-Henry
Born: 1982
Event: 50m freestyle
High School: St. Joseph's Convent (Trinidad & Tobago)
Athletic honours:
1992 represented St. Lucia at OECS Championships (Antigua)
1997 Received an Olympic Solidarity Scholarship (SJC, Trinidad & Tobago)
1997-99 Average 12% improvement in most events
1997-99 Female Swimmer of the Year (St. Lucia)
1999 First female St. Lucian swimmer to Pan Am Games (Winnipeg, Canada)
1999 National 100m breaststroke record (Pan Am Games, Winnipeg)
2000 Outstanding Female swimmer OECS Championships (Rodney Heights)
2000 First female St. Lucian swimmer to Summer Olympics (Sydney, Australia)

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Verneta Lesforis

Name:Verneta Cheryl Lesforis
Born:4 May 1975
Event:women's 400m dash
High School: Entrepot Secondary (Walcott House, coach Gregory Lubin)
Prep school: Missouri Valley College
University: Southwest Missouri State University 1999
Post-grad: SMSU (Masters in Education)
Personal records:
200m - 23.54s
400m - 52.21s (national record, CAC Games in Barbados 1999)
4x100m - 47.78s (Michelle Baptiste, Jineill Vite, Augustina Charles)
Athletic honours:
Victrix Ludorum (NCB/SLDB National Junior Track & Field Championships)
Victrix Ludorum (M&C National Individual Track & Field Championships)
Five Entrepot Secondary records (200, 400, 800, road race, long jump)
1991 Entrepot Secondary Female Sports Personality of the Year
1993 Sportswoman of the Year, St. Lucia
1993 Most Outstanding Female athlete (Windward Islands Games)
1999 Sportswoman of the Year, St. Lucia
Two school records at Missouri Valley College (200m, 400m)
1996-99 Conference Champion 400m
1999 Conference Champion 200m
1999 All-American 4x400m
1999 Southwest Missouri State Most Outstanding Athlete
1999 Central American and Caribbean Champion 400m (Barbados)

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Dominic Johnson
Jamie Peterkin, Sherrie Scobie-Henry

Name: Dominic Laurence Johnson
Born: 31 October 1975
High School: Amphitheater High, Tucson AZ
University: University of Arizona 1998
Event: pole vault
Athletic honours:
1996 NCAA Outdoor Pole Vault All-American (bronze medallist)
1996 represented St. Lucia at Summer Olympics (Atlanta, GA)
1997 NCAA Outdoor Decathlon All-American (6th place)
1998 NCAA Indoor Pole Vault All-American (silver medallist)
1998 decathlon national record 7632 points (Tucson, AZ)
1998 national pole vault record 5.65m (Tucson, AZ)
1998 8th in pole vault at Commonwealth Games (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
1999 eleven national, regional and international championships
1999 Central American and Caribbean pole vault champion (Barbados)
1999 CAC Games pole vault record (5.61m)
1999 Most outstanding male athlete at CAC Games
1999 career-high world pole vault ranking (up 12 spots to 25)
1999 4x100m national record 40.56s at Pan American Games (Promesse, Henville, John)
1999 18th in pole vault at World Track and Field Championships (Seville, Spain)
1999 Sportsman of the Year St. Lucia
2000 national pole vault record 5.70m (el Paso, TX)

Email Dominic:

Name:Jamie Peterkin
Event:men's 50m freestyle swimming
High school:St. Mary's College
Prep school:Pine Crest Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
University:University of Kentucky 2004
Athletic honours:
1990 OECS swim championships (Antigua) 8 and under boys title
Over 30 gold medals at OECS swim championships
1996 National basketball and volleyball titles at St. Mary's College
1996 Inter-Scholastic volleyball MVP at St. Mary's College
1997 Olympic Solidarity Scholarship
1998 Pine Crest second in Florida State championships
1999 Pine Crest second in Florida State championships
1999 outstanding male at OECS swim championships (Rodney Heights)
Four-time outstanding male at OECS swim championships
1999 First male St. Lucian swimmer at Pan American Games (Winnipeg, Canada)
1999 male swimmer of the year, St. Lucia
Four-time male swimmer of the year, St. Lucia
2000 First male St. Lucian swimmer at Summer Olympics (Sydney, Australia)
Junior Carifta Swimming Championships
Caribbean Individual Swimming Championships

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Name: Ronald Brian Promesse
Born: 1974
Event: men's 100m
High School: Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary
Prep school: Central State University, Ohio
University: University of Texas, el Paso
Personal records:
55m - 6.13s
60m - 6.66s
100m - 10.17s
200m - 20.75s
Athletic honours:
1991 Sportsman of the year (Vieux Fort Secondary)
1993 national junior 100m record 10.6s (Mindoo Philip Park)
1997-1998 Most Outstanding Indoor Athlete (University of Texas)
1998 national 100m record 10.21s (el Paso)
1999 national 200m record 20.75s (el Paso)
1999 national 4x100m record 40.56s (Pan American Games, Winnipeg with Johnson, John, Henville)
2000 national 100m record 10.17s (el Paso)
Two-time All-American

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