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Caribbean Crime Series

Shortlisted for the 2004 Schaduwprijs
 - Best thriller debut in Dutch -

jolien novelTitle:
Rum, Roti, Onrecht
(Rum, Roti, Injustice)
Publisher: Luitingh~Sijthoff
Language: Dutch

St. Cecilia is one of the lesser-known Caribbean islands. The disappearance of local playboy 'Smiley' Jackson does not make world headlines. On the island, however, it is the talk of the town - as is the shameful behaviour of American tourist Hazel Cunningham.                                 

Dutch journalist Claire Dieperink sees a connection. She has lived in St. Cecilia for several years and the desperation of Smiley's family and friends touches her deeply.

The arrest of the Cunninghams for Smiley's murder does however hit the world news. The case turns into media-hype and pushes diplomatic relations to the edge. Amidst the deception and lies, Claire attempts to uncover the truth. But what is the truth in a case like this? And is there such a thing as justice?

  Rum, Roti, Onrecht
  Paperback, 400 pages
  ISBN: 9024544092
  Price: 19.95 Euro


"Harmsen writes with great involvement about the impacts of tourism, racism and corruption on a Caribbean society"

"Exciting characters, beautiful dialogues and gripping descriptions of life and survival on a tropical island"

"A topical book about the deep chasm between rich tourists and the inhabitants of a developing country"

" Strong and furious debut by an up-and-coming talent"

Dr Jolien Harmsen (The Netherlands, 1966) has lived in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia for over seven years. For her Ph.D on the social history of the island, she interviewed dozens of prominent St Lucians. They are the models for the characters in this debut. The seed for Rum, Roti, Injustice was a murder case that took place some years ago in the Caribbean.


jolien sugarTitle: Sugar, Slavery  and Settlement
A social history of Vieux Fort St Lucia, from the Amerindians to the present
Publisher: St Lucia National Trust
Language: English
Cover design: Nancy Cole-Auguste


TITLE: Down the Line.
Four generations in a Caribbean town, 1910-1998
PhD Erasmus University, Rotterdam, 1999

TITLE: From a child's point of view:
Intergenerational influences on the organization of household and labor
In: The History of the Family. An International Quarterly Vol.2, No.4 1997

TITLE: You gave us the Dreaming
Aboriginal Law and Catholic Law: Changing religious identities of Arrernte people at Charles Creek, Arltunga and Santa Teresa in Central Australia,1936-1991
PUBLISHER: University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1993

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Caribbean Crime Series