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Olivette Wallace has returned to her roots... and she has not come empty-handed. Right on the waterfront in Soufriere, 'Oli', as she is better known to her friends, has now opened The Upstairs Gallery. Here, at #16 Bay Street, she works daily to on her watercolour and acrylic paintings of landscapes, scenes and stylised portraits. Colour, and colour definition according to the changing propensities of the light in St. Lucia, are what fascinate her.

Olivette is no newcomer to the world of art. Born in Aruba of St. Lucian and Kittitian parentage, Oli spent her childhood in Soufriere, and her teens in London, U.K. She soon found her way into the world of fashion, first as a model and then as the commercial director of a fashion house. After London came New York or, more precisely, 'The Village', back in those hallmark years of the '70s. Again, Oli was responsible for the commercial side of a fashion house, this time on 7th Avenue. Then came 'the French years', when Oli was instrumental in introducing young English designers to the Paris scene.  In 


1989, during 'the Russian project',  Oli was responsible for the reproduction of original icons from the Moscow Cathedral of the Annunciation which were kept in the Museums of the Kremlin.  Royalties earned from these limited editions of icons were invested in the cathedral for the restoration of works of art.

Eventually, in 1992,  Oli realised that there was no place like home. She returned to her childhood grounds, in the south of St. Lucia, combining a hectic job which took her on regular business trips to the Far East with a life of rigorous simplicity in a small wooden house without electricity, miles from any other settlement. It was here, in the simple solitude of the bush, that Oli rediscovered her  talent for painting and knew that she had to focus on developing her art from the heart.

Oli's art can be viewed at:
The Upstairs Gallery,
#16 Bay Street, Soufriere
Daily between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.
or by appointment (Pager # 481-8835).
She also has showings every Friday night at
Stonefield Estate/Resort in Soufriere.


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